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Jedi marriage ceremonies might be thing of the future in Scotland

May the force be with you, and your future spouse.

According to Yahoo News, Scotland may pass a bill that would allow couples to be married by the Jedi Knights Society in Scotland.

The Civil Partnership Bill would apply to all nonreligious groups and would allow them to perform marriages.

Progressive and new, this bill comes as a threat to some, including Reverend Iver Martin.

In an interview with the BBC, Martin explained his position.

“There are loads of people in a diverse society like this for whom belief can mean virtually anything—the Flat Earth Society and Jedi Knights Society—who knows? I am not saying that we don’t give place to that kind of personal belief, but when you start making allowances for marriages to be performed within those categories, then you are all over the place.”

A spokeswoman with the Scotland government explained that measures would be taken to make sure that marriage traditions won’t be harmed by these proposed ceremonial ideas.

“We are proposing the introduction of tests which a religious or belief body would have to meet before they could be authorized to solemnize marriage,” she said.