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First annual Arizona Gives Day starts Wednesday

Arizona Charities are hoping that you’ll “log on” to donate to them Wednesday.

The Alliance of Arizona Non-profits was looking for a way to bring much-needed donations to charities.

“We got together with the Arizona Grant Makers Forum, which is an organization representing the foundations and corporate community and government funders of non profits to try to engage more individuals in supporting nonprofits and their missions,” said Patrick McWhartor, the President of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits.

So they came up with Arizona Gives Day. It’s a 24-hour online fundraising effort that goes from midnight to Wednesday night. McWhartor said that once you sign on to the website, you’ll find nearly 850 organizations that you can donate to.

“You may already know an organization,” said McWhartor. “You can do a keyword search for that organization, or you can search by categories…the arts, people working to protect animals or the environment, human services, health and so forth.”

Your donations are tax deductible. The alliance is hoping to raise at least $2 million for charities during Wednesday’s event.

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