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Valley property managers enjoying real estate boost

One Valley company is especially happy to see the real estate market make a slow recovery.

When the market crashed, City Property Management lost about 24 homeowners association contracts. The recent boost in real estate has gotten them back to their prerecession levels of about 300 HOA contracts.

“We’re seeing the resale home market was really on fire and now we’re seeing it in the new home market,” said Brian Lincks, president of City Property Management.

As far as Lincks can tell, many homeowners or interested buys are feeling better about what their money can buy.

“A lot of the vacant communities that had their vacant lots — but they have been improved with utilities, water, etc. — those are being bought up now by most of the builders and we’ll see those be vibrant communities in the future.”

Despite the optimism, Lincks said the Valley will not see another construction boom, as builders are seeking plans of responsible growth.