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Buyer of the Frank Lloyd Wright home unveiled

The anonymous Frank Lloyd Wright home buyer has been reportedly unveiled after purchasing the home December 2012.

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, the mysterious buyer is Las Vegas, Nev., attorney Zachary Rawling. Although Rawling has declined to comment regarding his $2.34 million purchase, he has met in-person with community members about preserving the residence indefinitely.

Rawling’s local attorney, Grady Gammage, released a statement Monday regarding the plans to donate the Arizona landmark to a nonprofit following a full restoration of the facility.

“We have discussed with the city of Phoenix using the Shemer Arts Center as staging for visitation,” Gammage said in the statement. “Visitors would park at that location and be taken to the home by mini-bus. We will take all possible steps to limit traffic on residential streets in the area.

“We will need to add a visitor accommodation facility on site with handicap restrooms and conveniences for visitors, as well as space to accommodate an introductory lecture or video. While there are not yet plans for such a facility, we expect that it would be below grade so as to minimize any visual impact.”