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United Airlines mistakenly sends dog to Ireland

New Phoenix resident Meredith Grant was left livid after her move from Staten Island left her dog in Ireland.

According to NBCNews, Hendrix, a 6-year-old English Springer, was sent to the Emerald Island instead of Phoenix after a mistake by United Airlines.

Edith Lombardo-Albach, Grant’s mother, told her daughter about Hendrick’s unplanned vacation. Grant said she was shocked, upset and left completely without trust for United Airlines.

“I would absolutely never ship my dog with United again. Next time, I’m just going to drive and make sure he’s with me so nothing like this happens again.”

After United Airlines realized the mistake, the dog was hastily returned to its owner within 24 hours. However, Grant said Hendrix was behaving out of his nature.

“He was exhausted. When we got home, he laid down and I had to keep poking him to make sure he was still breathing,” Grant said. “He’s been acting a little weird, like he’ll just sit and cry.”

Though the airline has offered to refund Grant, she is still upset. It is unknown how Hendrix was shipped to Ireland instead of Phoenix.