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Police arrest man in war paint, covered in blood

A man who was wearing war paint and covered in blood was arrested Monday after a concerned neighbor called police.

Matthew Anderson, 30, was arrested after a neighbor called police twice claiming Anderson was yelling about guns. The neighbor recorded Anderson making threats about shooting people.

When police responded to Anderson’s townhome at 510 N. Alma School Road, he emerged from the home with his hands covered in blood. He also threatened to shoot the officers, who tased him.

Officers entered the home after arresting Anderson. Inside they found tactical gear and several weapons.

“It’s not common for us to come into contact with someone who has several weapons, tactical gear and have war paint on himself,” said Mesa Police Detective Diana Williams.

It also appeared that Anderson barricaded the front door of the home with a mattress and broke a window.

Williams said it is unknown if Anderson was using some kind of substance.

Anderson was charged with threatening, disorderly conduct and weapon possession by a prohibited person.