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Flagstaff mom gives birth to quadruplets

Jennifer Bromley and Daniel Zimmer knew they wanted kids, but they never expected them all at once.

Married less than a year, the couple learned they had naturally conceived quadruplets.

“We were in shock for the first couple of months,” said 29-year-old Bromley.

Then they started talking about names. They picked them alphabetically: Amelia, Bruce, Crissalyn and Delivia. Bromley carried for 32 weeks before going into labor, a surprise for mom and the doctors because they had been planning a C-section, but someone forgot to tell the first girl.

“Amelia really wanted out badly,” joked Bromley.

Doctors at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix said they had about 45 minutes to assemble a team of more than 20 experts in the delivery room. Doctors expect the babies will be able to move to their Flagstaff home by early May.

Both parents are counting their blessings although the first-time father admits, “What kind of freaks me out a little bit is the three girls. It’s going to be a bazooka and not a shotgun.”

Dr. Jordan Perlow said naturally-conceived quadruplets are very rare, occurring in only one in 729,000 births.