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Another reminder that dogs are a man’s best friend

GOODYEAR, Ariz. — During a routine patrol in Goodyear, a police officer found a pickup truck parked at the end of Cotton Lane Bridge. When he went to check on it, he didn’t see anyone inside but decided to take a look around.

Lisa Kutis with Goodyear police said what the officer found was a young man, face down in the dirt.

“The man was disoriented, possibly dehydrated and we had been concerned he had possibly fallen,” Kutis said.

But the man wasn’t alone, his best friend was watching over him.

“It’s truly amazing how this man’s dog stood by his side and just was not willing to leave him,” Kutis said.

The man was taken to the hospital where doctors found he broke his back in two places. The dog and the truck were turned over to relatives.

Police don’t suspect any foul play.