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Valley do-gooders may get free sandwich

PHOENIX — If you perform a good deed in the Valley, you may just earn yourself a free bite to eat.

“Letting someone take a parking spot, returning a shopping cart, letting someone get on a bus ahead of you. It doesn’t have to be significant, it’s just about caring the people with whom we live,” said Randy Mettler with Duck & Decanter Restaurant.

The restaurant has been on a mission to effect change and promote kindness and generosity in the community in which we live. They teamed up with Peer Solutions, a non-profit created to “to cultivate healthy communities through Stand & Serve, a primary prevention initiative fostering safety, equality and respect as norms.”

The kids who participate are armed with Nooner sandwich coupons.

“If someone is observed doing something right, they can be rewarded with a free Nooner,” said Mettler, adding that everyone benefits from this effort.

The kids recognize the good in people, and someone’s good deed will not go unnoticed.

Mettler hopes other business will follow suit.