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Anesthesia free doggie dental cleaning

It sure seems like we girls have to take care of everything, doesn’t it?

Well, OK, not everything, but I’ll bet you’re the one who takes the pets to the vet! And you may be the one who watches the family budget, too.

Pets are a member of the family and it can be very, very hard to make medical care choices for that family member when vet bills can be so costly!

But here’s something I found recently that might help. I had often wondered why it cost so much to have a dog’s teeth cleaned. It’s something that’s recommended to benefit their overall health, but the dog has to have anesthesia for the teeth cleaning, and often blood tests to determine if everything is all systems go for the anesthesia, not to mention the cost of the procedure on top of that!

Well, get a look at this, anesthesia-free doggie teeth cleaning! It can be done!

I caught up with Dr. Tim Patterson at the Bone Appetit Bakery on Ray Road at 48th Street in Ahwatukee. He’s there once a month to do the procedure, but he has other locations too. Check out to find out where and to make an appointment!