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16 years after Phoenix Lights, mystery remains

PHOENIX — On March 13, 1997, a mysterious formation of lights was spotted above the Valley and across much of the state.

People who saw the formation said it was miles long and wide. Weeks later, Dr. Lynne Kitei said the military passed off the event as flares from a military training exercise. Kitei didn’t buy the explanation then or now.

“You can only think that they were pushed to come up with something,” the Valley physician said.

Kitei said to this day there is no clear-cut answer to what she and thousands of others witnessed.

“A formation of lights attached to something or an actual craft.”

Kitei runs a website dedicated to the lights mystery, has written extensively on the subject and produced a documentary, “Phoenix Lights: We Are Not Alone,” which will be shown Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Scottsdale Harkins Shea at 75th Street and Shea Boulevard.