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The Mesa Arts Center eyes expansion project

The Mesa Arts Center plans to expand its facility for a better sense of community and a desire to build a more modern look.

According to the East Valley Tribune, the center’s renovation plans are intended to generate more artistic creativity among the city’s residents.

Cindy Ornstein, the executive director of the Mesa Arts Center, recently commented on the proposed renovations.

“All of them are geared toward creating a place for the community to gather, socialize, share ideas and celebrate its own creativity. It is meant to further develop the north end of our campus into a more flexible and usable space and a place that will be highly activated. Right now, it’s a quiet part of the campus relatively,” Ornstein said.

The plans would allow for anyone to submit art in any media form on the center’s new interactive community message boards.

The Mesa Art Center’s expansion project is part of a larger effort to transform the city, as it continues to welcome different college campuses and universities in its downtown area.