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Report: Paradise Valley seeing a drastic increase in home burglaries

Residents in Paradise Valley are noticing a disturbing trend in 2013.

According to, detectives with the Paradise Valley Police Department have marked every break-in since the first of the year. Through the first two-plus months of 2013, they have found twice as many incidents as this time last year.

ABC15 recently spoke to a man who had his home burglarized in Paradise Valley, and his overwhelming sentiment was that alarm systems aren’t getting the job done anymore.

“The alarm goes off, it goes to the security company, the security company calls the house, they proceed to call the police, and police have to dispatch it,” the unidentified man told ABC15. “By the time the police officer gets out here it’s probably 6 to 8 minutes,” said the father of four.”

To combat the rash of burglaries in the area, officials with the Paradise Valley PD are in the process of forming a task unit .