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Hikers beware: Rattlesnakes are out from hiding

PHOENIX — A warning to hikers on the Valley mountain trails, the warmer temperatures have brought out the rattlesnakes.

Phoenix Fire Deputy Chief Chris Ketterer said the cold-blooded creatures are looking to warm up.

“That could be on hiking trails and rocks. If you see one, back away slowly.”

Most snakebites occur when someone fails to put plenty of distance between themselves and the rattler.

“Get away and warn others on the hiking trail. If there’s a known problem on the trail the park rangers are helpful.”

Many snakebites involve people who’ve had too much alcohol and decide to taunt the snake Ketterer said.

Don’t be surprised if a rattler shows up around your home on a driveway, patio or porch. Call a pest controller if the snake is not a direct threat. When your life is in danger or you’ve been bitten call 911.

Ketterer advised hikers to wear the proper footwear and long pants and stay on the trails.

Last year Phoenix Fire responded to 29 rattlesnake calls. There has not been a snake bite-related call in 2013.