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Older job seekers face challenging times

PHOENIX — Age catches up with everyone but with companies looking to trim costs and go leaner and meaner, and in many cases younger and cheaper, these are some of the most challenging times for an older job hunter.

Mike Hayes with Momentum Specialized Staffing in Phoenix said it’s an uphill battle for job applicants 50 and older but it is not impossible to land work.

“If you’re thinking you can’t get a job that’s incorrect. I think you’re not presenting yourself correctly,” he said.

Hayes said one of the biggest hangups for older job hunters is that they’re behind on the tech curve when it comes to computers, smart phones etc.

“For today’s jobs you have to be computer literate. Go talk to someone who knows these things and can give you a crash course on how to use the technology.”

Experts said updating clothing and hair styles will help keep employers from assuming, in some cases, that the applicants’ skills are also out of style.

Hayes said employers are doing themselves a disservice by ruling out older workers — there’s no substitute for experience.

“There are great people that you can find. That’s your (employers) job. To find the best people,” Hayes said.