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Bank of America hit hard by hackers

The hacker group Anonymous acquired and released sensitive information regarding Bank of America executives, including an alleged attempt to spy and collect information on private citizens.

Cnet reported that Par:AnoIA, a group in close affiliation with Anonymous, has released 14 gigabytes of data on company executives around the world and on a company called TEKSystems, which they claim Bank of America hired to spy on hackers and social activists.

The group also explained that they didn’t retrieve the information from a “hack,” because the information was retrieved from an unsecured server in Israel.

“The source of this release has confirmed that the data was not acquired by a hack but because it was stored on a misconfigured server and basically open for grabs,” Par:AnoIA said. “Looking at the data it becomes clear that Bank of America, TEKSystems, and others (see origins of reports) gathered information on Anonymous and other activists’ movement on various social-media platforms and public Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels.”

This is but one of many leaks that Anonymous has performed of late, as there was an alleged attack on the U.S. Federal Reserve that led to the publication of log-in and private information of over 4,000 U.S. bank executive accounts.