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Valley donor has given $1 million to Goodwill over time

A routine donor to Goodwill has given a total of $1 million in his lifetime.

Phoenix Business Journal reports that upon his last donation of $100,00, Michael Pollack has donated a total of $1 million to Goodwill in the entirety of his life.

“Simply put, I believe in what Goodwill stands for and that is putting people back to work, especially during times like these,” said Pollack, owner of Michael A. Pollack Real Estate Investments. “When you see the stories first hand like I have, people who are getting a chance to go back to work and feed their families and be productive members of society, it is very easy to continue giving to an organization that is truly making a major difference in our community.”

Pollack is an entrepreneur and an Arizona real estate developer. Aside from just cash donations, Pollack has also redeveloped infill spaces were Goodwill stores are now located while his company uses Goodwill’s commercial services for his own shopping centers.