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Arizona AG Tom Horne warns against bad airbags

Some Arizona drivers may have had faulty airbags installed in their vehicle, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne said in a Friday release.

“Phony airbags are a real problem because they often fail to work and pose a threat to human lives,” Horne said. “It is important that consumers buy the appropriate equipment and be on the lookout for counterfeits.”

The faulty airbags are believed to have originated in China. They were shipped to the United States and some were distributed in Arizona, with most of them being purchased over eBay.

Consumers who may have had faulty airbags placed in their vehicle are as follows:

• Consumers who have gotten new airbags at a non-dealership repair shop in the past three years.
• Consumers who purchased a used vehicle that may have been involved in an airbag deployment.
• Consumers with a vehicle that has a salvage, rebuilt or reconstructed title.
• Consumers who purchased airbags from eBay or bought airbags for an unusually low price, generally under $400.

“People should be sure, if they’re installing an airbag, that it’s done by the original dealer,” said Horne.

Cars purchased new from a dealer are not at risk, nor are those who have a full, reputable repair history for their vehicle.

Anyone who is unsure about their airbags can go to for more information.