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Phoenix police were at home of shooting suspect

Phoenix police were at a Phoenix home that is the residence of Arthur Douglas Harmon, a suspect in a Wednesday office complex shooting.

Detectives have spoken with Harmon’s son and wife, who were in the house at 28th Street and Acoma Drive.

Several SWAT vehicles were surrounding the house and officers had weapons trained on the home.

An ambulance was parked nearby.

Police have been on the scene for several hours.

A neighbor, Tina, walks her dogs past the Harmon house often and her husband has talked with the suspect.

“He kept to himself a lot, works on race cars in his driveway,” said Tina, who is in the Marines. “Or (he is) sitting in a lawn chair drinking beer.”

According to court documents, Harmon was scheduled to go to a law office in the
same building where the shooting took place for a settlement conference in a
lawsuit he filed last April against Scottsdale-based Fusion Contact Centers LLC.

The company had hired him to refurbish office cubicles at two call centers in
California, but a contract dispute arose.

One person was killed and five people were injured in the shooting.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.