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ABC newscaster welcomes immigration reform talks

PHOENIX — A Hispanic member of the national media is welcoming the recent talks in Washington about immigration.

ABC Reporter John Quinones has been covering immigration for 30 years. He said the question of how to handle illegal immigrants is complicated.

“Can you really deport 11 or 12 million undocumented workers from the United States? I don’t know that that’s physically possible. What if they have children here? What if those kids were born and raised in the United States?”

Quinones said that recent talks about immigration reform are a good thing for the country.

“It’s complicated, but I’m glad that the president is trying, and that Congress is trying, to come up with some sort of measure that will appease both sides,” he said.

Quinones is the host of the ABC show “What Would you Do?” that will be in the Valley next week. He will be the keynote speaker of the Positive Action Through Civic Engagement Conference that is scheduled for Feb. 7 in Peoria.

The conference will be a panel discussion on how to engage with people in meaningful conversations, and to debate issues in a positive way.