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Phoenix considers expansion of recycling program

PHOENIX — City leaders are considering expanding the recycling program to apartment complexes across Phoenix.

A pilot project at two complexes, Park Lee and Sunnyslope Manor, revealed that 15 percent of waste is being recycled rather than ending up in the landfill.

The pilot project found each unit at Park Lee was adding 25 pounds of waste in the trash dumpsters and 6 pounds in the recycling container. At Sunnyslope Manor, a senior housing community, each unit averaged 16 pounds of trash and a little over 1 pound of recyclables.

According to the Public Works Department’s website, more than one million tons of waste ends up at the landfill every year, enough to fill Chase Field from top to bottom at least seven times.

A city subcommittee recommended that council members approve the recycling program at multifamily properties.

The council will learn more details at a Tuesday afternoon meeting.