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Cold weather boosting business for Phoenix mechanics

PHOENIX — Valley car mechanics are seeing an influx of business thanks to the frigid cold temperatures.

“Business increases without fail by over 50% whenever we see extreme cold in the Valley,” said Dave Riccio, co-host of Bumper to Bumper Radio and owner of Tri-City Transmission.

He said transmissions tend to react poorly to cold weather and leaks show up.

“Never ignore a transmission leak. You can take a simple problem and make it much worse by doing this,” Riccio said.

But it’s not necessary to assume the worst if the car drives a bit jerky or feels a little “off.” It might be a case of low transmission fluid levels.

A word of caution, make sure to buy the right type of fluid.

“There are over 30 types of transmission fluid and most retailers don’t know the difference. If in doubt, rather than a costly error, seek a professional,” Riccio said.