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Pima miner to star in new paranormal reality show

A Pima, Ariz., underground miner and his team are the latest people doing their jobs to become part of the reality TV landscape.

“Ghost Mine,” the newest reality show on SyFy Channel, follows Stan Griffith and his team as they look for gold in an Oregon mine with a reputation of being haunted. Along for the ride: two paranormal investigators and camera crews.

“There’s a lot of bleeping on the show, because miners use rough language while they are working,” said Griffith. “A lot of ‘Get out of my way, we’re trying to do something here. Paranormals in the way all the time”.

Griffith said the only instructions from the producers was to just be themselves. He hand-picked the crew for the adventure in Oregon, which will be documented over six episodes in and around the mine. There are two members of the crew he met in Oregon. He describes them as “greenhorns” the owner of the mine had hired prior to Griffith’s team arriving.

“They’re very naive,” said Griffith. “They had never been exposed to underground mining before, so that was pretty interesting, especially putting up with a bunch of cranky miners”.

Griffith is not sure if the show will be picked up for another season, calling the experience “unique and different.”

The show debuts at 9 p.m. Wednesday.