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All you’ve ever wanted to know about Girl Scout cookies

Girl scout cookies are back and here are some small facts that go with them.

According to an infographic, the most popular of these beloved treats are the Thin Mint cookies, with 56 million of these cookies sold last year.

In 2012, about three million Girl Scouts sold a record-setting $714 million worth of cookies. In other terms, that’s 210,162,000,000 calories that were sold.

Among the family of these cookies are some that have been given the boot off the sales rack. This group consists of cookies such as Lemon Coolers, Double Dutch and a cheese cracker type snack called Golden Yangles, which isn’t even a cookie.

Believe it or not, the girls selling you these cookies could be you future government officials for as of 2005 more than 70% of the women in the senate and more than 65% of the women in the U.S House of Representatives were Girl Scouts alumnae.