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Arizona Tourism kicks off astrological travel campaign

The Arizona Office of Tourism is hoping northern city-slickers will look to the stars to plan their winter vacation: “Arizodiac” is a new campaign targeting certain markets.

The Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT) is encouraging travelers to “master their inner vacation” by finding their Arizodiac sign. Each sign is represented by a critter native to the state and associated with a different type of activity.

“A jackrabbit, for instance represents outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, backpacking,” said spokeswoman Kiva Couchon. “Or you could be a Coatimundi, which likes to eat and you have all the local cuisines.”

The new campaign is specifically targeting Chicago, Denver and Minneapolis as “industry research indicates residents in these cities have the highest propensity to travel to Arizona during the winter season.”

The $1.8 million campaign will utilize outdoor, TV, newsprint and online advertising placements.