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Arizona AG warns against new mortgage scam

A letter sent to homeowners promising participation in a national lawsuit against a mortgage lender is a fraud, said Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne in a release.

The letter arrives in an official-looking envelope, but there is no return address. A phone number listed on the mailing is for Fresh Start, a New York-based company.

“This is the latest in a seemingly endless series of illegal or possibly illegal ploys related to Arizona’s mortgage crisis,” Horne said in the release. “Fresh Start claims to offer so-called audit services as a precursor to directing consumers to obtain legal assistance for mortgage holders who may have been victimized in the mortgage crisis.”

The letter asks homeowners to send $2,700 to the company for “research” purposes and then an additional $2,500 to retain a lawyer. The requests are a violation of both federal and state consumer fraud laws.

To see a copy of the letter, click here.