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Greer residents fear loss of tourism from lodge closure

Residents and business owners of the town of Greer are afraid that the closure of the historic Greer Lodge might negatively impact tourism.

The small town nestled in the White Mountains has been hard hit over the past few years by the economy and the Wallow Fire.

“The Greer Lodge, like our property and others, has been a critical part of welcoming guests to the slice of heaven we call home in the White Mountains. Greer offers a respite from the heat in the summer, beautiful leaves in the fall, nature’s awakening in the spring and a winter wonderland when we have snow like we do now. It is a loss any time any one, especially a business like Greer Lodge, is no longer making the marketplace aware of such a great area to visit,” said Casey Bolinger, owner of nearby Hidden Meadow Ranch in statement.

According to Bolinger, the owners of the Greer Lodge invested a lot of money into marketing and advertising. She fears that without it, tourists will forget Greer is still on the map.

“We’re losing not only the business and the jobs, but we’re losing that marketing push, so yes, we are very concerned,” she said.