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Arizona artists seek to ‘bedazzle’ border

On a small stretch of the wall that divides the United States from Mexico, there’s bright, colorful artwork, whimsical visions painted by children in Naco, Sonora.

The children have been armed with paint and brushes by the organization Border Bedazzlers. Gretchen Baer, one of the artist group’s leaders, said the idea of beautifying the border wall has been tossed around for a long time, but it wasn’t until April that plans really took off.

“It’s a sad story to have this border between us,” Baer said. “They are friends.”

The Border Bedazzlers’ mission, according its Facebook page, is “to make friends, make art, make good neighbors!”

The Naco community has embraced the Bisbee group’s effort and parents seem to encourage their children to participate in the experience.