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Triple-A reveals top travel trends for 2013

Foodies, women and do-gooders are already setting the top travel trends for the new year, according to Triple-A of Arizona.

“For the extreme foodie, you can do some European trips where you can try all different types of cuisines and delicacies,” said Michell Donati with Triple-A of Arizona.

Donati said philanthropic travel, where people spend part of their vacation volunteering, is also an emerging trend.

“A lot of folks want to go and relax and have a good time, but they may also want to give back,” she said. “Perhaps it would involve some clean-up efforts or homebuilding or a visit to an orphanage.”

Donati said group travel, especially among women, will also be popular.

“Sometimes they are widowed or not share the same travel interests as their spouse or perhaps they just want to go on a girls’ trip and get away.”

In 2012, AAA launched a social club for women who love to travel and Donati said the trips are designed to attract a variety of interests and people.