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Valley pizzeria named among best in country

A Valley pizzeria has some of the best pizza in the country, a website said. said the pizza at Pizzeria Bianco is “arguably America’s best.” Owner Chris Bianco is honored.

“ is, for us, very prestigious,” he said. “Every day we try to continue to get better. Hopefully we’ll be better than yesterday and not as good as tomorrow.”

When asked what the best pizza on his menu is, Bianco said “I always say to people that the best pizza is the one that you like the best. For me, I might have a simple margarita marinara, the simplest ones on the menu. I would suggest that people read the menu over, see what strikes your fancy, and go for it. Don’t let any pizza man tell you what to eat.” said the pizzas have “beautiful wood fired crusts that are made with organic flour, fresh mozzarella and house-smoke mozzarella.”

Bianco agrees that the ingredients are what make them so good.

“There’s a big difference between what tastes good and what is good,” he said, adding that he uses ingredients that are local and organic.

“Of course, none of it matters if it doesn’t taste delicious. For me, taste is pretty suggestive. I’m pretty happy with the way they taste.”

Pizzeria Bianco is known for long waits and lines out the door, but Bianco said he’s done something about that.

“We used to just open at five o’clock,” he said. “Now we open at 11 and stay open all day. That’s done an incredible wonder for our line and our wait.” also rated Pizzeria Bianco as among the top 50 pizzerias in the country.

Pizzeria Bianco is located at 623 E. Adams St. in Phoenix.