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Tips to stay safe this holiday season

While the holidays are about spending time with family, whether it’s eating, laughing, talking or opening gifts, it’s also a time to be extra careful when it comes to staying safe.

APS has seven tips for customers to stay safe this holiday season:

Use the right ladder: When hanging decorations outside, use a wooden or fiberglass ladder for climbing and make sure it is against a secured surface.

Upgrade to LEDs: These light-emitting diode lights “burn” cooler making them less of a fire risk than traditional lights. They also use 90 percent less energy.

Read toy hazards and instructions: Electric toys that do not require batteries should be supervised by adults. Some toy chargers/adapters can create thermal burn hazards to young children.

Keep pets away from wires: If lights are hung indoors, spray electrical wires with a bite-repelling scent to help prevent the risk electrical shock.

Be cautious when baking: Use glass and metal pans appropriately. Always lower the oven temperature by 25 degrees if substituting a glass pan for a metal pan.

Try battery-powered candles: These are a great alternative to regular candles and don’t pose the same risk as those with flames.

Avoid using nails or tacks: When hanging holiday lights, use insulated staples or plastic hooks instead.