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Time running out for tax-deductible school donations

If you’re planning to claim a school tax credit, you need to act soon.

The Arizona Education Tax Credit can help a school district and you.

“If there’s an extracurricular activity in a school, and there’s a fee that has to be paid for that, if you pay that fee or if you donate to that particular extracurricular activity, that’s a dollar-for dollar credit,” said Anthony Forschino, Assistant Director of the Arizona Department Of Revenue. “It’s $200 for singles or $400 for married.”

Forschino said to claim it on your 2012 return, you should make the donation as soon as possible because schools are closing for the holidays.

“They have to actually pay the school,” he said. “The school has to be the one that actually gets the money.”

If you can’t donate in person today, Forschino suggested you check with your respective district to see if it can accept a donation online before Dec. 31.