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Arizona deer farm getting ready for holidays

The reindeer are getting restless up north, ready to help Santa Claus make children’s wishes come true.

“We’ve got Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, and Comet and Cupid and Doner,” said Pat George, owner of the Grand Canyon Deer Farm in Williams, Arizona.

The six hand-raised reindeer have become more active these days.

“The snow we had this last Saturday made them all hyper,” said George. “They like to go leaping around in their pens. We like to let them out and take big, long runs and they leap up in the air sometimes. They’re practicing.”

The Grand Canyon Deer farm has been in existence since the late 1960s and it’s become a tradition for thousands of Valley families.

“We have a lot of people that came when they were kids and are now bringing their own children,” said George.

The farm has a variety of animals to make the experience quite enjoyable, including llamas, a camel, bison, marmosets and talking birds. The farm will be open on Christmas Eve.