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World-famous Belgian beer sells out quickly in Arizona

PHOENIX — It sold for as much as $100 a six pack, but Americans showed up in droves to buy what many consider to be one of the world’s most special beers.

Westvleteren 12 beer is brewed by monks and is usually only available at the abbey in Belgium.

“It’s just an incredible combination of malts and dark Belgian yeast,” said Edward Cooper of Total Wine and More. “The complexity in that is just, for many, a phenomenal taste.”

The monks’ abbey needs a new roof, so they decided to pay for that by selling a small amount of the beer in the United States.

And it didn’t take long to sell out.

Cooper said that his store sold the beer for just under $85 a six pack.

“At all of our stores in Arizona, we had 264 cases. That’s 1,056 six packs, and they all sold out in a day and a half,” Cooper said.

The stores received their shipments Dec. 12 and was all sold by the next day.

He’s not expecting another delivery.