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ADOT warning of winter driving conditions over weekend

The Arizona Department of Transportation is urging drivers to be cautious ahead of a coming winter storm.

Dustin Krugel with ADOT said drivers should ensure their car is in good repair before taking on tough conditions, but safe car does not replace safe driving.

“If you’re using Interstate 17 or Interstate 40, then you should be prepared for possible winter driving conditions,” he said. “Slow down, first of all, and just be patient and drive safely.”

Krugel said drivers should also make sure the vehicle is equipped with necessary items, like snow chains.

“Make sure that you have an emergency preparedness kit,” he said. “If you happen to get stranded off the side of the highway, you want to make sure you have some warm clothes, maybe some extra food, a flashlight.”

A winter storm is expected to bring rain and snow to the state through Saturday.