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Playing the dozens: Lots of weddings for 12/12/12

Is it a lucky day or an easy anniversary to remember? Whatever the reason, a lot of couples chose Wednesday to say “I do.”

Never again this century will brides and grooms have the chance to tie the knot on a triple date. The prospect of getting married on 12/12/12 was too prefect for Jennifer Dormeus and Ronald Tapia to pass up.

“You know this is the last date of its kind. There will be no more repeat dates so I thought it was pretty special,” Dormeus said.

Her husband-to-be thought it was an appealing date, too.
“I have the best of both worlds. You get the date that is very rare and then in the future I can’t screw my anniversary up,” said Tapia, who picked the date over a year ago.

The couple will marry at the Villa Sienna in Gilbert. Manager Sabrina Roberts said it will be the biggest Wednesday for weddings in a long time.

“Everyone is slammed. All of the florists, all of the photographers are busy,” Roberts said. “Typically it’s on the weekends that everyone is this busy. You know all of the caterers are flying around doing four, five, six events.”

Research by David’s Bridal shows an estimated 7,500 couples across the United States will tie the knot on Wednesday, a huge increase over last year when just 485 pairs married 12/12/11.