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Arizona home: ‘Ditto’ to neighbor’s Christmas lights

MARICOPA, Ariz. — An Arizona woman who knew she couldn’t compete head on with her neighbor’s elaborate Christmas light display is attracting attention for her response.

Using red and green lights, Kristina Green of Maricopa spelled out the word “ditto” and made an arrow pointing toward her neighbor’s home.

Green’s display is made of around 600 lights. She said he neighbor’s set-up has between 20,000 and 25,000 colorful lights.

“We have probably 100 to 150 people every night that come by our house and take pictures with their families,” she said.

Green said she hopes to create a food drive next year because so many people are coming to see the sign.

Green has created a Facebook page for her “ditto” sign.

Last year, a family in Beaverton, Ore., also erected the word “Ditto” with an arrow on the side of their own home toward a neighbor’s house as part of an online movement.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.