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Cold morning weather makes way to Phoenix

PHOENIX — It has been a long time coming but seriously cooler temperatures are finally here.

The Valley had its second warmest November on record. Through last Friday temperatures were hovering around 80 degrees. Monday’s high is expected to be in the 60s and lows in some spots in the 30s.

What took so long for the cool down?

“High pressure has been close to us and just didn’t want to go away. That’s been keeping the storms away from us,” said Austin Jamison with the National Weather Service.

He added that it’s not unusual for the area to have such warm temperatures in December.

“(But) If we’re like this in January, I’m definitely concerned.”

Another cooling system is on the way later this week and this one is bringing something extra with it.

“It will bring a better chance of precipitation,” Jamison said.