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Cooler weather not likely cause of fall allergies

PHOENIX — Temperatures are expected to cool off in the Valley this week, and that could leave a lot of people feeling under the weather.

The colder weather can bring on the allergies.

“You have a lot of stuff spreading around this time of year, and when it does get colder, it makes people more susceptible,” said Dr. David Mendelson, an ears, nose throat specialist at Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital.

He said whatever is in bloom is more likely to be the cause of the problems instead of colder weather.

“Every year what I do see is that whenever people pull out their Christmas tree, they have more allergies,” said Mendelson. “They don’t realize that they are actually reacting to whatever is on the artificial tree or their live tree.”

He said people with live trees may be allergic to pine.

Mendelson said washing hands thoroughly or maybe even wearing a breathing mask can help to avoid allergy problems.