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Police: Physical search for missing student over

The search for a missing Arizona State University student will not be carried out in a Tempe river basin, police said.

A Friday search conducted by multiple agencies came up empty-handed for a sign of 19-year-old Jack Culolias, who has been missing since Nov. 30 after being removed from Cadillac Ranch, a bar, during a fraternity event for being intoxicated.

Campus police said Culolias’ friends saw him heading to a taxi cab, but he hasn’t been seen since. His mother reported him missing Sunday.

The search was originally called off after three days, but a tip said a silhouette similar to that of a body was spotted in the water northeast of the area that crews had searched for three days.

Culolias’ fraternity brothers were also aiding in the search.

“There’s really nothing else I could imagine we’d be doing that would be more important than being here,” said Alec Katric. “It’s hard to focus somewhere else. I can’t just sit in my room.”

Katric said the experience has been “terrible” for him and his fraternity as the search for Culolias has gone on.

A shoe found earlier in the week near Tempe Town Lake was linked to Culolias on Friday.

The shoe was tested for DNA evidence that matched that of Culolias.

Police are planning to continue their investigation.