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Jimmy Fallon reunites Kenan & Kel for ‘Good Burger’ sketch

Kids from the ’90s are collectively losing their minds after Kenan & Kel reunited on “The Tonight Show.”

The duo are famous for their work on Nickelodeon in the mid 1990s on shows such as “All That,” and “Kenan & Kel.”

The late-night sketch, of course, was based on their own movie, “Good Burger.”

Kenan Thompson has been on “Saturday Night Live” for over a decade, while Kel Mitchell had been off the scene until a return to Nickelodeon this year.

Mitchell will be in a new show called  “Game Shakers.”

In a flawless return to form, Mitchell plays his role of Ed at Good Burger to perfection. Thompson brings back one of his signature characters as well, Lester Oaks from “All That.”


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