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5 best bang-for-your-buck trends in bathroom remodels

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Last week we shared five kitchen-remodeling trends we’ve been seeing.

Keeping on that theme, this week we’re sharing great bathroom remodeling tips and trends.

Although the costs of remodeling your bathroom may be going up, it’s also one of the home improvement projects that will almost pay for itself when you sell your house. In Phoenix, according to the 2015 cost vs. value report in Remodeling magazine, a mid-range cost bathroom remodel, at $16,088, would bring in $13,158 at resale. That’s a recouped value of 81.8 percent, probably one of the best returns for a homeowner’s money in Phoenix.

But what are the trends in bathroom remodeling? What are the features that today’s homeowners really want to have?

Showers with more luxury: Clear glass doors and enclosures are in demand; a quality remodeler can coat the doors with a film to keep soap scum from building up. Some homeowners go for the doorless, walk-in look. If that appeals to you, install a bigger drain and angle the shower floor so water runs down toward the drain. Finish it all off with a glitzy showerhead to make you feel like you’re under a Hawaiian waterfall.

Low-flush toilets that really work: The latest models in toilets have better designs so that models with less than a gallon per flush will operate smoothly. New toilets are shaped from a single piece of porcelain and can be smaller, seamless and easy to clean.

Sleek-looking grab bars: Many hardware and bath and kitchen manufacturers are creating new products that are graceful and suitable for all ages, including designer balance bars and towel racks.

Bathtubs with more drama and romance: Many homeowners take out their bathtubs and use the space to build bigger, better showers in the master bath. Another possibility is installing a free-standing tub, like the one Grandma used to have. They’re back in style but with a sleek, modern look. Or you can have a tub with an infinity-edge overflow – just like those you’ve seen in high-end swimming pools.

Special touches: How about a vent-free mini fireplace for a long, cozy soak in the tub? It’s easier to do than you might think. And you may want to add a big-screen HDTV as well.

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