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ASU hosts nonpartisan political rally

TEMPE, Ariz. — Dozens of Arizona State University students showed up for a nonpartisan voter education rally Wednesday on the Tempe campus’ Hayden Lawn.

Supporters of Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama and several local candidates set up to booths to try to persuade students to vote for their cause.

“We have young Americans for Liberty, we have Students for Obama, we have representatives from the campaign offices of Kyrsten Sinema and Jerry Lewis. We have a huge breadth of people,” said event organizer Brianna Pantillione of the Arizona Students’ Association.

Mike Stauffer, an independent candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff, was also there.

Pantillione said the rally gave students a chance to meet with those campaign supporters and for the campaigns to get the students excited about voting.

“We’re hoping that they get the message out to help engage the youth vote and help make sure the students know that their voice is important,” she said. “Some students have voted before, but by en large this is the students’ first presidential election.”

Pantillione’s group was involved in a recent drive in which over seven thousand Arizonans registered to vote.