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Battle over Phoenix restaurant parking comes to end

PHOENIX — A long-running battle over parking spots between two Phoenix restaurants has come to a close.

Construction is officially under way on the southwest corner of 16th Street and Bethany Home Road, according to Z’Tejas CEO Steve Micheletti after a 10-month delay.

Zipps Sports Grill felt the shopping-center parking lot couldn’t accommodate both operations and sued the property landlord and the city. That lawsuit is still unresolved, but Micheletti trimmed the future restaurant’s size to allow for more parking and has launched construction.

“We were bystanders to the lawsuit but we have a building permit and we’re building the restaurant,” said Micheletti.

“With the city approving the revised parking plan, we were able to submit our building plans and obtain a permit.”

Phil Goldman with Zipps said Z’Tejas had nothing to do with the lawsuit.

“Zipps does not want Z’Tejas or any other business in the shopping center lot because of space and parking issues,” he said. “The lawsuit against the City of Phoenix and landlord Bethany 16th, LLC is ongoing and Z’Tejas has nothing to do with the suit.”

The new Z’Tejas should be open in mid-March.

“Obviously we preferred the original design because it had a beautiful porch. Instead of shorter waits, those waits may be longer because we’re a bit smaller than anticipated.”