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Phoenix friends take to social media for election talk

PHOENIX — They were at it during the debates lighting up social media. That will pale in comparison to election night tweets and posts from longtime friends who are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Mike Hayes heads up Momentum Specialized Staffing in Phoenix and describes Mike Shaldjian of Media Watch AZ as more liberal than most. Shaldjian takes that comment as a badge of honor and is a huge supporter of President Obama. He said their mutual friends cringe when the two battle it out on social media platforms.

“This president took responsible steps from the beginning of the recession in 2008 and is showing positive job growth,” Shaldjian said.

Shaldjian’s company records and monitors broadcast news coast-to-coast from its Valley headquarters. He has had record sales for the past four years.

Hayes does not buy that for a second and calls President Obama the “food stamps” president.

“Obama hasn’t done anything to create jobs,” said Hayes. “I would know that since I’m in that business.”

Shaldjian calls Hayes a one-issue voter: economy.

Shaldjian recently wished Hayes well on Twitter in filling five dollar an hour labor jobs if Mitt Romney is elected. In the tweet he wrote, “Romney will do wonders for your business. Woot.”

Hayes fired back on Twitter “Obama couldn’t grow weeds in a wet garden.”

Hayes said “Shaldjian worries about everything else that doesn’t pay the bills. I’m concerned about job growth.”

Shaldjian said there are many issues that are important to American’s and Obama sees the importance of being the president for all of America not just some of America.

For example, Shaldjian supports universal health care and Hayes said ObamaCare is a drag on the economy. Hayes said corporations will unload a watershed of capitol if Romney wins the race for the White House because they will have hope that Romney will repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“You would see a stock market run of a thousand points, a lot of hiring early next year and a boatload of investment.”

Bottom line is the two businessmen will remain friends after the smoke clears from next week’s election. Shaldjian said they just hate each other’s candidate.