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Maricopa County asking for pledges to clean air

It only takes a pledge to reduce air pollution in the Valley.

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department is asking residents to commit to a one-day-a-week initiative designed to help clean the Valley’s air.

Spokeswoman Lucette Gonzalez said there’s a new theme for every day of the week.

“Sometimes you can’t think of it so this is a clever way to remember what to do on a specific day,” she said.

The Commit to One Day initiative starts with Cycle Sunday, which encourages residents to ride their bikes instead of taking the car.

On Alt-Mode Monday residents are asked to use public transportation or other alternatives.

Ride Together Tuesday promotes carpools.

Walk Somewhere Wednesday is designed to improve participants’ health and the air quality.

No Drive-Through Thursday encourages residents to go inside to order fast food or even prescriptions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Fire-Free Friday discourages wood burning, which reduces air pollution.

And Sweep it Up Saturday promotes using an old-fashioned broom, not a leaf blower, to clean up the yard.

The beginning of winter pollution season started Oct. 1.

To learn more about the Commit To One Day initiative, click here.