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$1.15M worth of meth seized at Nogales checkpoint

Officials seized more than 74 pounds of methamphetamine at a Nogales border checkpoint on Wednesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a release.

A canine detection unit prompted the first seizure, when the 50-year-old suspect was stopped while attempting to enter the United State. Twelve packages of crystal meth, weighing about 19 pounds, was found in the vehicle’s gas tank.

Another canine detection unit found a second vehicle a few hours later that was attempting to enter the U.S. Officers found 20 packages of meth that weighed over 29 pounds.

A third canine unit found 29 pounds worth of meth in a 20-year-old Mexican national’s truck.

All the drugs, with a street value of $1.15 million, were seized and all suspects booked on drug-related charges.