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‘Undercover Boss’ offers a look under the Kilt

It soon won’t be a secret how the Tempe-based Tilted Kilt restaurant chain does business.

CBS will feature the company and its president Ron Lynch on the Nov. 9 episode of “Undercover Boss.” The reality show, in its fourth season, focuses on company leaders who go into the businesses they founded or lead, and work in various roles to see the inner workings of the operation.

“Being 6-foot 6-inches tall with a very recognizable look and voice has made it difficult in the past for me to visit our locations without being recognized,” said Lynch in a release. “Going undercover allowed me to step into the shoes of our employees and franchise partners to better learn the ins and outs of what makes our company successful, as well as see objectively where there is room for improvement.”

Lynch worked undercover in a number of jobs, including bartender, line-cook, manager and security guard. It’s unknown if any of the scenes were shot in the company’s Valley locations.