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Glendale mayoral candidates throw mud

A little mudslinging is on-going in the Glendale mayoral race.

On Tuesday, the Cruz for Mayor campaign released surveillance video showing candidate Ariz. Rep. Jerry Weiers wrapping a yellow nylon rope around a planter. The video then shows Weiers driving off.

According to the a release from the campaign, “This defiance, displayed in recently acquired security footage, demonstrates behavior that is undeserving of the Glendale Mayor’s office. More importantly, it displays that Jerry Weiers simply has poor judgment and is unfit to lead Glendale, especially during these trying times.”

Manny Cruz, another mayoral candidate, condemned Weier’s actions.

“Why did he do this? Because he wanted to park his motorcycle illegally next to the door of the House of Representatives. This action is unbecoming of an elected official,” said Cruz.

Jerry Weiers provided the following statement:

“I moved a planter. It was moved back. When you are a liberal embracing the biggest tax hike in Glendale history and proudly touting endorsers that want to shut down Luke Air Force Base I guess this is what you do. Breaking News: we won’t be going after him for jaywalking or returning his library card late.”