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Arizona has 4th-lowest average student debt

Arizona has the fourth-lowest debt, on average, for college graduates in the nation.

“There’s never one reason for any specific state or college’s debt level,” said Lauren Asher with the Institute for College Access and Success.

In 2011, Arizona graduates had an average of $19,950 in debt versus $24,854, the national average.

So why the difference?

“A very high percentage of students in the state go to public, four-year colleges rather than private for non-profit colleges,” said Asher. “On average, public colleges have lower tuition and fees and lower average debt.”

The information is included in a new study, Student Debt and the Class of 2011. The report compiled a list of the average amount of debt students will face once they graduate.

According to the survey, “state averages for debt at graduation in 2011 ranged from $17,250 to $32,450. High-debt states remain concentrated in the Northeast and Midwest, with low-debt states mainly in the West and South. New Hampshire had the highest average debt at $32,450, followed by Pennsylvania at $29,950.

“Utah and Hawaii had the lowest and second lowest average debt at $17,250 and $17,450.”